Strong Evidence Base

A strong evidence base better informs policy development and implementation decisions through: undertaking primary research and feasibility work; analysing and reviewing existing data; and engaging with key stakeholders.

The sustainable consumption and production evidence base focuses on research in the areas of: resource efficiency, corporate responsibility, waste management and procurement. These research areas were identified following consultation with key regional partners to understand where current gaps in knowledge exist and where further evidence would assist the progress of sustainable consumption and production support in the region.

The NWDA and partners commissioned a report on the Environmental Considerations in Achieving Sustainable Economic Growth (ECOSEG), the results of which were published in January 2009. The report evaluated the potential environmental capacity issues arising from the growth of the region’s economy.

The climate change evidence base is published on the Climate Change Northwest website. The energy & environmental technologies evidence base scoping studies are published on the Envirolink Northwest website.

The environmental quality evidence base is undertaken by the Natural Economy Northwest partnership. The research focuses on the economic benefits of healthy ecosystems, such as a review of roof greening, and the linking of green infrastructure with grey infrastructure.