Environmental Quality


Key lessons in the Environmental Quality arena can be summarised as follows:

 Brownfield land regeneration is a long term process that requires investment in people and partnerships upfront in order to select sites and provide the continuity of time and resources to see them through to implementation  

  • The partnership approach is essential – regional agencies can set the agenda, provide momentum and garner the resources, but there is a strong need to secure more local delivery vehicles and long term management solutions  
  • The environmental and image gains of the past two decades, especially in the core regional cities, have changed the dynamic of what is needed and wanted in land regeneration.
  • For a real impact, work is needed on geomorphology and landscape scale
  • The dynamics of economic circumstances and climate change mean that future land regeneration needs to consider a much broader picture. It must move away from the quantum of land dealt with and towards a resilient and sustainable communities agenda focused upon quality of place, food security, energy needs and creating a ‘landscape for prosperity’