Energy and Enironmental Technologies


There are several key lessons that can be learnt from the regional LCEGS sector development programmes:

  • Given finite resources and the diversity, size and complexity of the sector it has been essential to select priorities based upon regional strengths and the potential added value of any public funding
  • In addition to nuclear, other areas of strength identified by the LCEGS strategy include tidal, smart grids and solid state lighting
  • Influencing national policy can yield major benefits. NWDA was successful, particularly in the nuclear sector, in influencing a number of key Government decisions such as the location of the NDA HQ, new build at Sellafield, development of the NNL and the establishment of the NAMRC
  • The sector depends upon innovation and the Joule Centre and the EIC were established to support technology transfer from academia to industry and new start ups.  Although both projects have been successful, in hindsight, they could have been more fully embedded in the regional ‘innovation ecosystem’ and would have benefited from stronger links with other regional science parks and innovation centres