Unique Achievements


The Northwest regional partners have achieved several unique successes over the last ten years:

  • First English region to publish a Climate Change Action Plan
  • Only English region to publish a Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan
  • First English region to develop and institute an escalating sustainable buildings policy and apply it to all new Single Programme and European Regional Development Fund investments in physical infrastructure
  • Delivery of theUK’s largest Land Regeneration Programme
  • Groundbreaking work of Natural Economy Northwest in assessing the economic value of the natural environment
  • Support for theUK’s longest running and award winning resource efficiency business support programme
  • Support for one of Europe’s largest energy and environmental technologies sector development programme
  • Leadership and funder of England’s most comprehensive Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Programme, including support for sub-regional action and planning to support low carbon economic development
  • Awarded Low Carbon Economic Area status by Government for Nuclear Sector Development (Regional) and Built Environment (Greater Manchester)