Apr 012013


Please find attached the March Green Bullet from NWEL, including:


  • Campaigns – Planning reforms, Smart Growth, HS2 and bees
  • Consultations – Defra’s waste prevention programme
  • Publications – Demonstrating social outcomes from environmental projects
  • Events – Renewable energy, Friends of Parks, Landscape Ecology & free training
  • Other items – Director vacancy at Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust celebrations


Please pass on all or part to other people, groups or networks that you think may be interested! And please send items for inclusion in the next Bullet to me by 25th April at andyyuille@gmail.com. 

Feb 252013

Dear all,

Please find attached the February Green Bullet from NWEL, including:

  • Campaigns – HS2
  • Consultations – Marine Conservation Zones, The Mersey        Forest,      the Red Tape Challenge
  • Information, services & resources –      Environment & health, active travel, Bee Scene, Better Life
  • Publications – Payments for ecosystem services,      water & wetlands ecosystem services, GM crops & food security
  • Events – Demonstrating the value of nature;      Climate Week events
  • Other items – Crowdfunding

Please pass on all or part to other people, groups or networks that you think may be interested! And please send items for inclusion in the next Bullet to me by March 22nd.

NWEL_Green_Bullet_27 – February_2013



Andy Yuille


North West Environment Link

01524 389 915


Nov 272012

Check out the NWEL_Green_Bullet_26 – November_2012, including:

  • Campaigns – Woodlands, roads, planning reform & energy
  • Consultations – Planning appeals
  • Information, services & resources – Climate change, local foods, environment & health, neighbourhood planning
  • Publications – Valuing nature & the historic environment
  • Events – Ash Dieback, ethical fundraising, climate awards & much more
  • Other items – Sector survey, seeking trustees, & good news on peat

Please pass on all or part to other people, groups or networks that you think may be interested! And please send items for inclusion in the next Bullet to me by January 10th.

Nov 012012

In This Issue

FAQs Key information on new national initiatives:

  Climate Change North West is part of Climate UK, a not-for-profit Community of Interest Company working to promote local action on climate change.

Website Refresh

We refreshed our public website! Did you notice? Take a fresh look at climatechangenorthwest.co.uk 


New Site for NW Climate Change Information

A new website has been launched that hosts a range of collaborative resources on climate change, for the use of all interested organisations or individuals.  The website www.climatechangenorthwest.co.uk focuses on information relating to the North West of England and is hosted by the North West Climate Change Partnership. Read more…

£4m Support For Food And Fuel Poverty In North West

Four North West projects will be receiving £1 million to create a greener and more sustainable future. The projects are among 12 community schemes across England, awarded under the Big Lottery Fund’s Communities Living Sustainably programme. Read more… 


Payments for Carbon Land Management

The Lake District National Park, Cumbria Woodlands and Nurture Lakeland have been exploring the potential for a ‘carbon brokering service’ which would link land managers who are storing carbon in woodland or peat, with people or organisations wanting to fund carbon storage.  Read more…

The Carbon Footprint of Cumbria

The Cumbria Chief Executives Group recently commissioned Small World Consulting to measure the carbon footprint of Cumbria, measured on a consumption basis. The report analyses the major sources of emissions in the County, and recommends measures to tackle emissions, boost the economy and improve social outcomes. Read more…

Ecocities – Adapting Greater Manchester

This project is looking at the impacts of climate change and at how we can adapt our cities to the challenges and opportunities that a changing climate presents. The EcoCities website also has wider relevance for other urban areas engaged in responding to the challenges and potential opportunities linked to climate change. Read more…

A Community Energy Revolution?

Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, wants “nothing less than a community energy revolution”. The Co-operatives UK and the Co-operative Group Community Energy Manifesto, sets out what government needs to do to make sure that communities can own, and profit from, energy generation and saving.  Read more…

Progress Report on National Climate Change

A new report from the Committee on Climate Change has found that Greenhouse Gas Emissions fell by 7% over the last year.  However only 0.8% of this can be linked directly to implementation of carbon lowering measures. Read more…

FAQs: Green Deal

What Is It? A scheme, whereby householders can benefit from a wide range of energy saving home improvements with no need to pay up-front.  You pay in instalments through your electricity bill. Usually your bills won’t go up because you shouldn’t pay back more than the savings you’re making as a result of the improvements.  It’s one of the flagship projects to reduce carbon from the households as part of the UK Carbon Plan.   What’s Included? A wide range of improvements, including:  New boilers, loft insulation, draught proofing, wall insulation, replacement windows and solar panels.   How Does It Work? 1.    Choose a Green Deal assessor – they’ll write a report on your property telling you what improvements you can make and estimate how much you could save on your energy bills. (This can be done now.)   2.    Choose a Green Deal provider to carry out the work. They must explain what work will be done and how much it will cost – this is known as a ‘Green Deal plan’.   3.    If you go ahead with the improvements you must sign your Green Deal Plan – this is a contract between you and the provider. The provider will then arrange for a Green Deal installer to do the work.  (Plans can be agreed from 28th January 2013.)    How Do I Get a Green Deal? For help finding a Green Deal Assessor call the Energy Saving Advice Service  (England and Wales) on 0300 123 1234 or visit https://www.gov.uk/green-deal-energy-saving-measures

Sep 262012

Read the NWEL Green Bullet for September 2012 here, including:

  •  Campaigns – Plastic bags, forests & Green Belts
  • Consultations – Public interest, wind power, aviation & much more
  • Information, services & resources – new cross-sector planning guidance, climate change & ecoliterature
  • Publications – The Carbon Cycle & Green Foods
  • Events – conferences galore & social media training
  • Funding – Neighbourhood planning & Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Other items – LEPs – bigger! Better?

Please feel free to pass on all or part to other people, groups or networks that you think may be interested!