Apr 022012

Brockholes is now the proud holder of the ever prestigious Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers Building of the Year Award. The award is geared towards recognizing the highest performance in environmental design and construction.

Brockholes Visitor Centre is located on a 67 hectare nature reserve in Preston, Lancashire. The Centre is built on a 2400 square metre concrete pontoon that floats on the lake within the reserve. Accommodating a restaurant, shops, exhibition, education and conference facilities, the five barn-like structures that make up the Visitors Centre generate income to maintain the wetlands throughout the year.

Building of Year 2012

In making the award the judges recognised that: “The project aimed for the highest environmental performance from the outset and maintained that aim throughout construction to completion and into operation. While the BREEAM “Outstanding” design brief target was an important driver, further environmental analysis and design was undertaken, including whole building embodied energy analysis, on-site sewage treatment analysis, low energy catering analysis and attendance of Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s own site specific ecologist throughout design and construction. Additionally, the client brief required that EPC A-rating was exceeded by delivering an asset rating of 10 or less.”

The supporting documents for the award can be downloaded below.

Brockholes CIBSE Awards 2012 Building Of The Year REV B
Brockholes CIBSE Awards 2012 Building Of The Year REV B
Brockholes CIBSE awards 2012 Building of the Year REV B.pdf
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