Mar 192012
Project Regional Park Capacity Building: Exchange Project
Partner Mersey Basin Campaign                     
Lifetime 2007 – 2010
Funding NWDA £450,000
This project coordinated the Regional Parks and enabled capacity building between the parks in the region.
Outputs The coordination of the Regional Parks was an activity rather than a formal output.
Lessons learned Bringing experienced partnerships together with fledging initiative stimulates a great deal of productive interaction

Experimentation achieved results, e.g. the Morecambe Bay Expert Panel sessions injected real verve into the partnership and brought new ideas to assist in developing the new approach to ‘Adapting the Landscape’

Future outlook The outcomes of the initiative remain on the internet but no further work is planned. Others in the region remain interested in pursuing the regional parks agenda, particularly in Morecambe Bayw hich has recently secured a £2m HLF grant on the back of preliminary work undertaken with help from the RPX funds.
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