Mar 192012


Project Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre 
Partner University of Manchester
Lifetime 2010 – 2011
Funding NWDA / BIS £8m
The Nuclear AMRC is a national project and £25m (Yorkshire Forward, ERDF and BIS) will be invested in the main research centre at theAdvancedManufacturingParkinRotherham.The Nuclear AMRC has been established to support theUK supply chain gain business in the manufacture of ‘nuclear island’ components for the new generation of nuclear power stations that will be constructed in the UK.  It will:

  • Develop new and spin out near market techniques in specialist component fabrication (welding, machining, inspection and testing etc);
  • Deliver training courses in accreditation and verification requirements for a nuclear supplier; and
  • Deliver skills training in specialist areas such as high integrity welding.

A new purpose build facility will be established in Rotherham and this will be supported by the new laboratory facilities at the University of Manchester.

Outputs 50 businesses assisted
Lessons learned The appointment of a dedicated ‘Business Engagement Manager’ has been essential inManchesterachieving its output targets.
Future outlook The project will continue post NWDA under the management of theUniversityofManchester.
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