Mar 192012

Project Mersey Waterfront (Succession)
Partner The Mersey Partnership, Wirral Borough Council    
Lifetime 2007 – 2011
Funding NWDA / ERDF / public / private £46.9m
The Mersey Waterfront Programme defined a strategic vision for the waterfront and coordinated a programme of targeted activity to realise its potential as an asset to improve the economic social and environmental performance of the sub-region.  Activities included:
Outputs Sefton Water Centre – development of a significant watersports facility and tourist attraction based atCrosbyMarineLakePier Head Ferry Terminal – construction of a new terminal building, including ticket office, café, shop, Beatles story and shop, Fab4D theatre and restaurantPride in our Promenades – physical improvements to Egremont Promenade, Dingle Esplanades and the Leeds andLiverpoolCanalatLiverpooland SeftonCoastal Places, Open Spaces – Purchase and retention of the Anthony Gormley ‘Another Place’ Arts installation onCrosbyBeach, leading to the development of a strategy to use the arts as a visitor attraction, in both the Eastham/Bromborough area and Everton Brow

Pool of Light – temporary lighting of a number of waterfront andLiverpoolCitylandmarks, to coincide with Liverpool Biennial 2008

Lessons learned Have a bold strategic vision which raises aspirations and encourages partners to aim higherGovernance – there was a strong Board, chaired by a private sector partner and elected representatives of the seven local authorities, that ensured equality of representationIt is essential to have a strong partnership to make holistic, wholesale change
Future outlook To keep the Mersey Waterfront legacy alive, partners will continue to develop plans and projects to improve and create new assets along the waterfront for residents, visitors and investors to enjoy.
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