Mar 192012

Project Festival Gardens, Liverpool
Partner Langtree Festival Gardens Ltd            
Lifetime 2009 – 2011
Funding NWDA £3.7m
The creation of a new contemporary waterfront park from the transformation of the currently derelict former International Garden Festival Site and the establishment of a long-term management framework.
Forecast Outputs 500,000 visitors by December 2015, 105,000 sq m of new public realm, 1.4 km of new recreational routeway, 10.5 hectares of brownfield land, and jobs created
Lessons learned A creative approach to using Green Infrastructure to spearhead development, by removing investment inhibiting blight, can succeed if the correct package of remediation and management is agreed at the outset. 
Future outlook Long term management of the site will be carried out by the Land Trust for the first five years.  After that, it is envisaged that Phase 2 of the project will have commenced, generating an endowment of £2.947m which the Land Trust will use to maintain the site in perpetuity.
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