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Project BREW – Sustainability Mentoring Northwest
Partner Envirolink Northwest (set up by NWDA in 2000 as the energy and environmental technologies sector cluster delivery body)
Lifetime 2006 – 2009
Funding NWDA £50,000
The Sustainability Mentoring Northwest project was funded to help undergraduates, postgraduates and young professionals interested in, or working in, the waste management and environmental technologies sector, gain a better understanding of how the sector functions and its skills requirements.Marketing material used to promote the scheme was developed, including a sustainability mentoring website.
Outputs 84 student-mentor partnerships
Lessons learned The relationships and partnerships established through this work formed the basis of better co-ordination leading to the delivery of the Improving Your Resource Efficiency (IYRE) Business Support Simplification Product (BSSP) product and led to the SCP Partnership development which supported development of ERDF’s Action Area 1.3 and the SCP Action Plan.
Future outlook This was a time-limited project; no further phase anticipated.
Evaluation Of The BREW NW Programme 2008
Evaluation Of The BREW NW Programme 2008
Evaluation of the BREW NW Programme 2008.PDF
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