Mar 182012

Project Power Technologies Innovation Centre (Energy Innovation Centre)
Partner EA Technology Ltd, Scottish and Southern Electric, Central Electric, SP Power Systems, ElectricityNorth West(District Network Operators)
Lifetime 2008 – 2013
Funding NWDA / ERDF / private £5.3m
The EIC had the overall aim of attracting innovative research, development and commercialisation activity to the Northwest in order to build a global reputation in the field of electricity transmission and distribution, encouraging new research, development and commercialisation activity.  The Centre provided physical incubation space for start up companies and access to funding from public and private sources.
Forecast Outputs 60 jobs created, 30 businesses receiving start up support, £5m private sector leverageOther outputs included business creation
Lessons learned Consideration to partnering with an experienced incubation centre such as Daresbury – the lack of experience was evidenced by the rather slow process for dealing with potential incubateesGiven that a private sector company has different motivations and drivers to a public sector organisation such as NWDA, a form of public-private partnership may have been preferableThe amount of management time on behalf of the applicant required for ERDF processes was underestimated leading to a diversion of resources

Although a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was developed between the EIC, Joule Centre, Business Link Northwest and Envirolink, the aims of the MoU should have been embedded into the respective project outputs and performance indicators, to encourage more cross referrals and delineation of respective roles.

Future outlook The Centre aims to be self supporting post NWDA and ERDF funding.
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