Mar 182012

Project Power from the Mersey: Feasibility Study
Partner Peel Energy Ltd
Lifetime 2009 – 2011
Funding Commercially sensitive
The project enabled Peel Energy Ltd to undertake a detailed study of the feasibility of harnessing energy from the tidal power of the Mersey estuary.  The objectives of the study itself were to identify a single preferred tidal power scheme that is financially attractive but balances the needs of optimising power output against the associated environmental impacts.
Outputs Feasibility study
Lessons learned The project was an excellent example of a public private partnership to overcome a key market failure.  Without public support, Peel Energy would not have undertaken the study and at the end of the project the findings came into the public domain. From the beginning stakeholder engagement was a major component of the project which has been essential in maintaining a balanced and mature debate on the potential environmental impacts of any schemes.
Future outlook A preferred scheme was identified that was believed to be technically feasible and broadly acceptable on navigation, environmental and social grounds.  It could deliver enough electricity to meet the average needs of over 200,000 homes.  However, the high construction costs mean that it is unlikely to go ahead without a change in the way that we value renewable energy and security of supply.  Peel Energy will therefore not be progressing further development of the project at this time (June 2011).
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Mersey Tidal Power Feasability 2011
Mersey Tidal Power Feasability 2011
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