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Project Northwest Waste Technology Virtual Centre of Excellence II     
Partners Envirolink Northwest
Lifetime 2009 – 2011
Funding NWDA / ERDF £7m
This project co-ordinated and delivered a suite of activities to support development of the waste management, recycling and technology industries within the Northwest.  Following on from the first phase of the project that was completed in March 2009, the aims were to continue to provide technical support to the region’s recycling and waste sectors through provision of technical advice, partnership working and referrals.  The project was delivered through four complementary intervention themes:

  • Research & Development – stimulate R&D to develop new and existing waste management and recycling
  • Technology Commercialisation – assist recycling and waste technology businesses with near to market technologies demonstrate their capabilities to potential clients
  • Sector Development – to ensure that Northwest companies gain as large a share as possible of the growth and investment in the waste and recycling sector in the UK and international markets a
  • Market Development – to develop sustainable economic and practical uses for recycled materials
Forecast outputs 1,800 jobs created or safeguarded¿  £500m cost savings, increased turnover and invested funds; over 4m tonnes of waste diverted from landfill
Lessons learned Increased facilitation of working groups – Based on the successes that have grown from the Research and Development Active Network and associated special interest groups, an expansion of these groups or development of new groups would help to stimulate the marketContinued delivery of technical support – A key area for intervention has been technical support delivery – bespoke projects that can help a company alleviate a bottleneck to growth. Having a flexible framework of consultants allows the team to offer a range of services that can meet the needs of such a diverse supply chain

Expansion of technical support – Currently the programme precludes any type of capital support scheme for businesses. Lessons learnt from the programme would suggest that whilst revenue related activities do help a company, capital support can be the most pressing issue, and is not always easy to draw down on from other sources. In many cases a lack of capital support can be a hurdle to growth

Level of stakeholder engagement – Engagement within the public sector has in general been difficult due to the amount of structural changes and redundancies taking place. This has affected continuity of engagement with key members of staff

Future outlook Envirolink established itself as a consultancy in 2010/11; the work of Envirolink Northwest will continue, under the umbrella of Envirolink, on a commercial basis post 2011.
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NW Waste Technology Feasibility 2005
NW Waste Technology Feasibility 2005
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