Mar 182012
Project Northwest Energy Council          
Partner N/A
Lifetime 2003 – 2009
Funding NWDA £630,000
The Northwest Energy Council (NWEC) was formed in 2003 as a high level strategic advisory body to the NWDA.  Initially this group was provided only limited support and resource, with its members committing their time on a voluntary basis. In particular the project provided some much needed secretariat support (via a secondee to the NWDA from Envirolink) and a small budget to allow the NWEC (via Envirolink) to commission consultancy studies, market research and other supporting activities.  In 2010, the NWEC was dissolved and the majority of the members joined the newly formed Energy and Environmental Technologies NWDA Board Sub Committee.
Outputs Strategy development; feasibility studies1 job created
Lessons learned The NWEC provided a valuable link between the NWDA and key regional businesses and other regional bodies.  The NWEC was wound up in early 2010 after a period of time without a Chair and it was subsumed in to the NWDA Energy and Environment Board Sub-Committee.  There are three key lessons to be learned from this:

  • The NWEC benefited from having a dedicated and high profile Chair, which encouraged attendance and resulted in strong strategic direction  from members
  • The NWEC always existed outside the NWDA committee structure which meant its profile suffered and the decisions were not strategically integrated in to the NWDA
  • Providing dedicated resources to the NWEC in terms of staff time and a modest budget for research studies was essential in ensuring that the NWEC was a source of positive strategic advice and not just a ‘talking shop’
Future outlook N/A