Mar 182012

Project Northwest Eco-Innovation Programme
Partner Universityof Lancaster and C-Tech Innovation
Lifetime 2009 – 2012
Funding NWDA / ERDF £3.5m
This project aimed to address several market failures including: poor capitalisation on the business opportunities created by climate change; and the inability of markets to fully value/cost the environmental impact of products. The Northwest Eco Innovation Programme supports SMEs in the region to access specialist assistance in the fields of product development, innovation and sustainability. The project has helped hundreds of businesses to exploit new market opportunities for more environmentally sound products and services.The Eco Design service, an integral part of the programme, provided a tailored package of support structured around the lifecycle of the developed product. For a product already in manufacture, the service helped quantify and improve its environmental credentials, by focusing on hotspots within the product’s lifecycle. For some clients this included assistance with prototyping or the development of a test plan.
Forecast outputs 400 jobs created or safeguarded400 businesses assistedOther outputs include carbon dioxide saved 12,000 tonnes; 200 new environmental products
Lessons learned At time of writing, this project is still underway and so it is premature to reflect on lessons learned.
Future outlook The two partners delivering this project are currently working on a number of initiatives to promote eco-innovation through other sources of European funding.  They are also actively involved in developing a new initiative COSMIC the Centre of Sustainable Manufacturing Innovation & Collaboration. 
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