Environmental Economy of England’s Northwest

This site aims to support those people and organisations who are interested in developing a sustainable economy and promoting a quality environment for the North West of England.  We aim to support their endevours by providing access to relevent research, strategies, case studies and other useful information.  We have tried to highlight the key lessons of this work from the last ten years, to inform the work needed over the next ten.

Over this time, we have learnt: the importance of taking a medium to long-term view to sustainable economic development; how important it is to adopt a multidisciplinary approach and the value of maintaining reliable relationships over time through excellent communication. This site aims to facilitate the continuation of the strong partnership approach adopted in the region.

You can receive regular updates from this site by adding your email address in the “Subscibe via Email” box at bottom left.   If you want to contribute content or comments to the site, provide a case study, add an upcoming event, upload documents or suggest a web link (and we hope you will), please Register using the form at bottom right and read the “How Do I” page first.


The site is categorised into five main topic areas:

    • Climate Change and carbon emission reduction
    • Energy and Environmental Technologies Sector Development
    • Environmental Quality
    • Sustainable Consumption and Production
    • General Sustainable Economic Development

which can be accessed via the menu bar at the top of each page:

  • Introduction: regional strengths and needs, key challenges and messages, unique achievements, information on our leadership/partnership groups and their contributions.
  • Topics: Greater detail on each topic area and its importance, topic specific facts and stats, what still remains to be accomplished.
  • Strategies: summarises input to Regional Strategies and topic specific Action Plans, fit with national policy and local priorities.
  • Projects: outlines key projects and policies delivered and research which led to action.
  • Case Studies: summaries of each of the topic specific case studies on the site.
  • Lessons Learnt: analyses what we have learned, explains common misconceptions and what we could have done differently.
  • Downloads: a library of all of the documents available for download from this site
  • Blog: Current news and issues, new publications and initiatives, accouncements and upcoming events.

We have tried to make the site accessible to its intended audience.  You can search the site for specific content using the “Search All Content” box or “File Search” or you can browse topics using “Tags” as key words using the drop down to the right of each page.  You can click on the “Featured Content“, “Recent Posts“, “Publications” or “Top Downloads” links on the right to browse items of interest. You will also find Weblinks to other related websites here.

Much has been accomplished, but there is far more to do.  We hope that people will contribute fresh content to the site and use it as a vehicle for knowledge sharing.